Review: Tofurky® Vegetarian Feast

Ah Thanksgiving, a vegan’s favorite time of year. There’s nothing like celebrating our great country by devouring dead animals and then struggling to digest them.

Thankfully (pun), Tofurky® brand has somewhat of a relief kit to provide vegans and vegetarians with some guilt-free substitutes. The “vegetarian feast” consists of one Tofurky® Roast, Savory Giblet Gravy, Wild Rice, Whole Wheat Bread Crumb Stuffing, and Tofurky® Jurky Wishstix. It’s all vegan, takes about an hour to make, and serves 6.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the feast. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive at first (seen as I am one of the pickiest eaters alive), but as soon as I cut into it I could tell it was going to be good. I truly can’t complain about anything. I didn’t eat the Jurky sticks (Jurky really isn’t my thing), and my favorite was definitely the roast. I got my whole family to try it and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

I will definitely be enjoying the Tofurky® feast next year for thanksgiving, and I highly recommend it to any vegans/vegetarians who are sick of eating only potatoes. 

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