Elections coming up!!

You know what time of year it is! It’s election time! When citizens get some say in whats going on in their communities. I encourage everyone to look into their choices this election and participate in their local democracies. After searching the internet for animal rights related politics around the country, I found two propositions that I felt were extremely important: Prop B in Missouri and Prop 109 in Arizona.

First, Missouri’s Proposition B calls for new rules for dog-breeders including capping the number of dogs that are used for breeding purposes, requiring resting periods between breeding and establishing other requirements. If enacted, dog-breeders would only be able to have 50 breeding dogs and would require them to feed those animals daily and regularly. Obviously, this proposition is put in place in order to put an end to “puppy mills”, or inhumane breeding practices based on producing as many dogs as possible for the smallest cost to the breeders.

Proposition 109 in Arizona, or the “Arizona Hunting and Fishing Amendment” allows for hunting, fishing, and harvesting of wildlife to be a constitutional right. It also gives the State Legislature exclusive authority to enact laws regulating these activities, prohibits laws that restrict hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife or the use of traditional means and methods, and establishes hunting and fishing as a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. The problem with this proposition is evident: there is virtually no regulation regarding killing wildlife, thus hunters can basically kill all they want. Also, the fact that hunting would be the preferred means of managing wildlife means that unnatural numbers in certain animal populations will occur, the natural ecosystem will be highly effected and organizations that deal with wildlife control scientifically will not be able to intervene.

In conclusion, The Vegan College Student says Yes on Prop B in Missouri and No on Prop 109 in Arizona. Now, in no way am I trying to tell you how to vote or how to live your life, I am just stating my opinion, If anyone disagrees or agrees please leave a comment. Also, I understand that these are both animal welfare issues rather than liberation issues. Trust me, if it were my word over the world I would outlaw both dog breeding and hunting rather than regulating them. However in my opinion, in the struggle for liberation, welfare is in many instances the first step.

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