Restaurant Review: Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

On Friday night, after a long week of school, Kristin and I decided rather than going out and partying to enjoy a nice quiet vegan dinner at a restaurant we had both heard of called “The Leaf”.

We walked down pearl street amongst the street performers, bar hoppers, and playful children to 16th street where we entered a very fancy looking restaurant. I was definatly not dressed accordingly: old sweater, dirty jeans and backpack. Swag.

A very kind waitress handed us the menu. There were some great options to chose from: BBQ Seitan, Vegan Alfredo, and Banana Mango Curry to name a few. Since the prices were a little steep, we decided to share a green salad and the Vegan Enchiladas.

The food was absolutly amazing, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Needless to say, having some healthy vegan, organic food was a nice break from the Grab-N-Go bean and rice burritos that we had been surviving off of all week.

My advice towards this restaurant: Go with your parents or a date so that they can pay for the meal. It was pretty expensive but very delicious. I know where I’m going for parent’s weekend.

Leaf Resturant website:

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