The Black Fish Successfully Strike The Coast Of Taiji

On the night of September 27th, 2010,  European conservation group The Black Fish successfully cut the nets of six dolphin holding pens in Taiji, Japan, despite harsh weather conditions. These pens were designated for dolphins being traded through the international dolphinarium trade. No arrests were made and a number of dolphins were able to swim back out to sea.

The coast of Taiji, Japan is infamously known for its cruel dolphin hunting practices as made public by the Oscar award-winning documentary, “The Cove”. The annual “hunt” begins on September 1st. The porpoises are either sold or slaughtered for meat.

After international media spotlight on Taiji’s dolphin hunting practices, the subject has become extremely sensitive due to conflict between international activists and Japanese nationalists. The Black Fish recognizes this sensitivity and claims that, “change also needs to come from within Japanese society…”

According to reports, this effort by The Black Fish was the first act of vandalism this year on behalf of maine mammals.

The Black Fish co-founder Wietse ven der Werf states, “The connection between the dolphin entertainment industry and this annual drive hunt can no longer be denied. To be successful in our campaigns in Europe we need to get to the root of this illegal trade, which is right at Taiji.”

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